Tough Breakfast

Was meeting with a client directly after bootcamp yesterday, so I showered, dressed and did my hair as quick as I could before driving to a Panera near Cleveland.  Grabbed a coffee and waited a few minutes until he arrived.

Then I realized, I hadn’t planned breakfast.  That’s a first in a long time.  At least I hadn’t forgot my shoes.  But eating a low point high protein healthy breakfast has become such an ingrained habit, I was surprised I forgot to make a plan.  Shoulda grabbed 2 hard boiled eggs!

But hey, no problem, I’m at Panera.  So what to eat?  That isn’t a million points with sodium on top.

My go to was the Mediterrenean Egg White on Ciaibatta.  But this morning when I got on the scale, I knew it musta been more than the 6 pts I guesstimated  it.

Just did a quick calculation of the nine “healthy” breakfast choices… four with more than 1000 mg of salt!

  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese on Ciabatta 14 pts
  • Egg & Cheese on Ciabatta 10 pts
  • Sausage, Egg & Cheese on Ciabatta 15
  • Breakfast Power on Whole Grain 9pts
  • Asiago Cheese Bagel with Bacon 16 pts
  • French Toast Bagel Breakfast with Sausage 17 pts
  • Mediterranean Egg White on Ciabatta 11pts
  • Sweet Onion & Poppyseed with Steak 18 pts
  • Roasted Turkey & Sun-dried Tomato Pesto on Soft Roll 12 pts

I guess I could have done much worse.

Too bad I forgot about the hidden menus – the power steak breakfast is only 7!!


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