2 5k’s this month

Ran a 5K in 36:06 the beginning of the month. Could have pushed it more, but it was the first one I’ve run in a long time and I knew a lot of people in the race, so I didn’t want to die at the end.

Friday night a friend called and we ran the “full moon” run at 9 pm. Can’t believe I did it because I’m afraid of the dark in the woods (and it was a trail run!) plus it was after 9 pm and that’s when I usually go to bed! Not sure of my time, in fact I forgot all about it when I came running in, but when I went back later to look the clock was at 42, so I did pretty good I think. Walked some near the end because I didn’t want to twist my ankle and I’d hit a pretty good root when I was deeper in the woods. Plus I came out as a “human” not a zombie… so in theory, they are going to take one minute off of my time.

Worked out with my sister on Saturday. Relaxed most of Sunday, except for doing some yard work.


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