The Toughest 5 Weeks of the Year

I’m beginning week 2 of what I consider the toughest 5 weeks of the year to maintain. It’s the Thanksgiving to New Years Day marathon.

It’s not the food really. For me it’s all the expectations of “family, food and fun” but in the last few years has felt more “should” “have to” and me falling short, than fun, festive and looking forward to…

Not sure if I can capture the feelings right. Don’t get me wrong, my heart lifts at a beautiful snow fall gently coming down, but if it’s pre Christmas, my mind goes to “what do I need to do next.” did I get that box in the mail? what about the ____.

And I find myself starring into the refridgerator. Like what I’m searching for is in there. Ha ha.

When I went shopping yesterday, I forgot to buy my flavored water. It’s one of my key tools for not starring into the fridge.

Since I’m planning to work from home more in the coming year, I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a top ten list of ways to stay on the maintanence track when too much food is just 6 steps away.

This is for my “work from home” days:

1) start every “stay home day” morning early by going to the gym for a class or a routine.

2) Sit on the workout ball for 2 hours instead of my desk chair

3) Upright Plank 2, T- side plank 1 each side, Upright plank 1 more for a total of 5 consecutive minutes of abs

4) Do a load of laundry every day. Which is 6 sets of stairs (down into the wash, back up. down into the dryer, back up. down to fold, back up.) Make a reason to do the stairs 4 other times – clean 2 minutes in the back corner by sorting old papers and come back up.

5) Make a zero point soup in the morning for lunch/dinner. Or tuna with quinoa. Or smashed cauliflower. Or shrimp salad for dinner and have it sitting in the fridge with anticipation.

6) plan to do a middle of the day yoga class or an early evening class to get the blood back into the brain after sitting for 3 hours straight.

7) Figure out the Christmas gift list now and buy one gift and wrap it every day.

Today’s weight: 150.4 which means .4 above scream weight.


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