Starting 2014 Out Right

I’m feeling like I’m going to rock 2014.  Although a cough/cold had me down for 2 weeks to less physical activity than I like, I found that my appetite was not as strong then either.

Managed to maintain (actually lose a few) through the holidays. Managed isn’t the right word – I planned it and worked my plan.  Lots of work outs and really watched what I ate.  When I had the opportunity I held back with lots of veggies and not too many carbs/sweets.

Getting a VitaMix for Christmas was awesome too.  Makes vegetable chopping a dream.  I have made several soups (my favorite squash-pumpkin-banana- with vegetable stock- pumpkin and nutmeg spice. OMG.  AWESOME!)  as well as many many green (spinach, kale, celery, carrots, ice) smoothies.  Lots of vitamins but hard to get down when you make too much and I usually do.

But best of all is fresh fruit ice cream.  (frozen strawberries, and/or bananas, rasberries, peaches, mangos etc… with ice and almond milk.  And a teaspoon or two of honey)   It totally freezes your insides but is delicious!

Workout wise: Mostly boot camp but threw in a few more swimming, skiing and a couple of runs.

Tuesday – bootcamp 5:30 am to 6:30
Weds – rest
Thursday – bootcamp 5:30 am to 6:30
Friday – rest
Saturday – bootcamp 7 am to 8 am
Sunday & Monday – rest

Plus:  Saturday 4:30 yoga.  Saturday or Sunday – ski. Monday night ski. Thursday night ski.
Moved the office  – burned about 300 or 400 more calories everyday packing, moving and unpacking all those boxes!
This morning: 148.8.  Lowest in December: 145.2  Highest: 152


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