Blogging to maintain the weight loss

I’m posting this link on my site so I can especially follow the maintainers. Here are the 2013 most inspirational weight loss bloggers with links to 10 blogs. Here are another 35 healthy eating bloggers.

I’m especially interested in the maintainers.

Maintaining isn’t “exciting” or dramatic like the loss is. People stop saying how amazing you look. Some days I just feel older or tired or stressed… and I forget how empowered I felt when I lost. Other days the feelings of “who cares” sneak back in.

Things I’m trying to do to MAINTAIN the motivation for a healthy diet:
1) read maintainer blogs
2) get a lot of exercise until it is such a habit that it’s like coffee in the morning
3) eliminate the “old big” clothes from my wardrobe
4) plan my meals
5) track what I ate or will eat

I’ve done well with the reading and exercising, but I’m surprised how difficult it is to do the tracking or to keep throwing away or giving away clothes that don’t fit anymore. I have a real thing about that. Hiding them in the basement or under the bed. Just in case. It’s like I am setting myself up for slipping back.

Tracking was always the hardest. But the most effective. Not hard in the morning… or even lunch. But the evening. And evening is my hardest time not to just eat.

My willpower is at a lower level. It seems like a reward for the day (Yes, I still think of food as a reward, so maybe that’s part of the problem!)

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