Grabbing my “FITNESS” Back, because the Sneaky Weight creeping back on…

It’s that tough time of year when I just want to curl up on the couch and watch movies. And eat.

And about 6 pounds over my goal has come back on. It’s not all salt. In fact there is a noticeable gain around my belly. I gained an inch in my waist.

I’m still working out 3 days a week at a HIIT style boot camp, so I’m keeping up my strength, but it’s not “easy” it’s harder. Carrying around a 5 pound weight makes a difference. You wouldn’t think so, but it sure does.

I didn’t weigh in all of February. There’s a new leader at my WW and I half blame that. I don’t click with her.

It’s cold outside and icy, so I can’t run. My ankles hurt (a little) my knees (a little) so I’m taking it easy. Oh and I’m hungry.

Time to walk 3 miles at lunch. Count my calories. Count my veggies, cut back on the carbs and drink my water.

C’mon chris, you know how to do this!

Gotta get below scream weight (150) and back to goal of 149 and less. I weighed in at 154.4 this morning. I haven’t been below 151 all February following a “potluck” party where I just ate. Gotta grab back my fitness mindset!

Today. 8 waters. Long lunch walk. Spin tonight.


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