Getting back into the saddle

The last 2 weeks I’ve been back in the zone in the under scream weight and feeling like I’ve got things “under control” again.

I think it’s the warm weather combined with the ability to go bike riding again.

Tuesday night, I rode 26.1 miles, all good.  then went out to dinner and just had a salad with grilled chicken and water.  Of course everyone else is having beer/wine.  I think one more month of really sticking to it and I’ll get me weight more stable so I won’t be worried about being over if I go for a weigh in.

Protein carbs and fat.  Seems simple but its not.  Try to slow down on one and I start to crave it.  Being moderate is so much harder than all or nothing.  But all or nothing doesn’t work because it’s too strict.



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