Business Trip – FOCUS

Business travel is hard to stay focused on nutrition and moving. On a business trip and trying to keep if off. Very little moving around and lots of eating. Wow.

  • Doing a run/jogging at least once a day.
  • Eating intentionally. – except for that bag of pretzels I wolfed down.
  • Drinking water. water. water.
  • Lots of chewing gum.  So it is a conscience decision to eat.
  • Not just a decision to eat, but deciding best choices of what to eat.
  • Making an excuse to walk around and get away from the conference table.
  • Driving and driving and driving means lots of sitting.
  • Stretching at the rest stops.

Water!! Is crucial. Not only does it keep my appetite at bay, every few hours I’ve got to get up and walk around.

Sandwiches showed up at lunch time. and chips. and cookies.  all from the most healthy quick/inexpensive place to get lunch for a business group/meeting with a vendor: Subway.  I chose turkey over the ham or roast beast. No chips. No cookies. Water. And then two more waters from the drinking fountain.  And then a walk around the parking lot.

I eat when I get a little bit socially nervous. Like meeting with people I don’t know on a project. Small talk and food go together. So not eating means holding a water or a coffee with little sips.

Dinner was a choice of ever restaurant at a main interstate overnight extravaganza. Every hotel chain of 3 stars was represented and a couple of 2 stars thrown in.  So it was Red Lobster/Olive Garden/Lone Star /Applebees and Pizza Hut/KFC /Taco Bell both every quick serve restaurant and fast food restaurant you could imagine.  I was given the choice so I picked a steak house. a local steakhouse.  Ordered the grilled chicken, broccoli and salad. with water.  OMG that was predictable. but I did it.  Only by a binge eat of a whole bunch of pretzels in my room before we went.  But hey, with the time change and a late business dinner I needed something.  Should have grabbed the banana and apple I saw in the lobby when I went to meet them before dinner. That would have been better than pretzels but I was craving carbs.  Even after a sub at lunch.

All in all not too bad.  Too much salt, but not bad for on the road. I give myself 4 stars.  Plus I ran in the morning!

About to put on my running clothes and go run before the day officially starts.

When I left with my suitcase I was 149.8.  Tomorrow morning when I wake up in my own home, I want to be the same. A run this morning will make all the difference.


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