Back at Boot Camp and Biking!!

Saturday did a boot camp. Over light. Not a twinge of pain.
Sunday did yard work like crazy that had been piling up. Weeded, pruned, raked.
Then a friend texted me about a bike ride. Sure, I said.
Then it turned into 43 miles and I was POOPED! Extremely tired. Too long without food once again. I don’t think I drank enough water. Maybe I should bring gatorade (YICK!)
Monday did a boot camp. Medium effort, not all out. Felt an ache after about 45 minutes, but not pain.

I’ve been rolling my hamstring near the hip and both of my calves every day without fail.

Knock wood, I think I’ve improved so that I can exercise all out again. And I’m going to find a yoga class that I like.  I did a restorative yoga last Monday and it made a difference… I don’t really enjoy that style of yoga as much. I don’t think I’m “advanced” enough in my practice.  Also, planning for when I can get that next massage.

So today is weigh in day for WW and I’m up 149.4. I think because of the exercise I’ve been eating more. Better wear light clothes so I can make the cut off!


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