Maintaining with Dinner – My Biggest Challenge

I have little trouble keeping up the exercise these days. I actually enjoy and look forward to going to the gym or a bike ride. (Yesterday was 4 circuits of 3 exercises each repeated for 8 minutes and then a run around the track, rest one minute.  8 x 4 = 32 + 4 one minute laps = 38 minutes of exercise. High intensity with weights, abs, arms legs.) But this isn’t a post about Exercise.

My challenge is not over eating. Meaning my challenge is I want to over eat. Not being what I’m trying not to do. The double negative makes it confusing.

The exercise makes me hungry. And I even after working on WW since 2007 (in 49 days I will hit the 7 year mark of working with WW), I still don’t have a week of meal plans that I love.

Yes, I have breakfast down.  5 points (love egg beaters (o) and arnolds (3). sometimes with veggies (0) . Once in a while with real cheese(3), but usually with Kraft No Fat Cheese (2). Sometimes toast.  I usually have a 5-7 breakfast.

don’t forget preworkout: banana (0)and 1 T peanut butter (3)

10 am snack: banana, apple, plum etc. (0)
And I have about 4 lunches I like. – vegies with tuna 2 & greek yogurt 4 (for 6) OR greek salad with chicken (8) /cobb salad w chicken (6-12 depending on the cheese) no bacon OR subway veggie & turkey 6″  honey wheat(7).  Sometimes quinoa instead of tuna with mustard.

On workout days I crave pretzels around 3 pm. That can be a challenge if I bought a big bag.  (3 pts for 28 oz serving… sometimes I have up to 3 or 4 servings! that’s trouble!! – best not to start)

But other than my Monday night dinner standby, I have an assortment of dinners but I don’t have it organized.

Monday: boiled cauliflower – love it.  With olive oil, tumerick and a little salt and pepper. Love this.  no fat sour cream, promise or other 45 cal spread butter like

Other dinners:

  • boca 2 with arnold 3
  • spinach with sauted mushrooms and onions in olive oil 4
  • roasted veggies – peppers, green beans, broccoli, egg plant, tomatoes, ruttabegga, carrots, (Fave is RED  PEPPERS!) with olive oil and roasted then sprinkled with salt. depends on the EVOO but usually 3 pts.
  • Thursday is Pot luck night. Trouble after biking because you never know what you’ll get and I’m hungry and the pressure of a buffet (unlimited go back food.) All the signs of trouble for me. Luckily most people bring very healthy dishes. But some white rice. Or heavy dressing with lots of sugar and salt in a pasta salad. Or chocolate dipped carbs.  Better figure 20 points and use my weeklys. I always bring a full bubbly water and finish it. Stopped even sips of wine because it lowers my resistance for small portions, is trouble when I’m even slightly dehydrated and I don’t need the extra calories. In the fall it will be Tues/Thurs. But after the 2nd workout off the day. And later, because we are inside. (the good thing is WW gives me 16 activity points for more than 12 mph for 90 minutes. They call it cycling-racing. ha ha)
  • Baked, zapped potatoes – small red is current favorite, but yams are also good.
  • Squash soup. Fall 6 minute recipe. Night before bake or roast the squashes. (butternut, acorn, 1/2 a can of  libby pure pumpkin in a 15 oz can and /or other squash – maybe zuchinni) Next night scoop out and into VitaMix with dash of vanilla, a little almond milk, big dump of pumpkin pie spice. Thick soup that tastes just like pumpkin pie filling!

Maybe I will add to this post, to include dinners that I like and actually make.



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