Accountability Helps My Motivation

I’ve kept track of my weight every day for years now. My goal weight is 149. And my target range has been 147-151 for the weight watchers check in. During this year I was in the range about 4 months and out of the range about six months,

A few weeks ago I jumped in a community challenges for a once a week on line weigh in and I’m finding that the weekly accountability is working again. Going to my regular weight watchers meeting didn’t because I’d be hit with the $12 fee at the meeting if I didn’t make my weight. And so even if I woke up at 149 I wouldn’t go because I was afraid by the end of the day the water weight etc might be over 151… And if I was more than that in the morning, well I just wouldn’t go.

So it became demotivating. Not for losing weight but for attending meetings.

I need the accountability, suggestions, interaction of a group setting. On line can help. Each morning I’ve book marked several weight maintenance blogs to read. I am planning my breakfast lunch and pretty good on my dinner. More tracking. Much more tracking. but not consistently in one app or another or even on paper.

But the past 3 days I’ve been 151.4 or better so I’m back into the range almost.

I’ve done my standby’s:

  • Zero point soup before I eat dinner.
  • Have breakfast again for dinner.
  • Chewing gum during a stressful social situation that triggers overeating.
  • Fruit instead of chips/sweets when snacking.
  • Lean proteins.
  • Very little processed out of the box food.
  • Lots of water
  • Tracking and planning meals
  • Exercise – high intensity and some long low intensity fat burning too

My bad foods now are great compared to yesteryear:  pretzels are my “bad” foods!  Made it thru halloween without even thinking about eating some candy. I did have a bag of unsweetened carob chocolate and added that to a banana with a teaspoon of peanut butter and wow what a treat.

Something about eating healthy makes the food taste better… but eating the over processed super sugar super high fat stuff blows out the taste buds and it’s actually hard to really appreciate the “real” food afterward.  I think that’s one of the big things with dieting and going off a diet.  That’s why I’m on this as a healthy choices, not a diet.


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