My Strategies on How NOT to Gain Weight This Holiday Season

Yikes, Dec 8th. We’re in the thick of it.

And the scale is telling me that. (Gained 2 pounds since the week before T-day.) The thick of the holiday season with parties, open houses, celebrations, get together’s and lots of going out to dinner, lunch and breakfast even!

Thinking about last holiday season when I did a challenge at the gym to hold my weight from the time of mid Nov to New Years… I think I held it, even lost a pound maybe.

I’m looking for another anchor. So I decided to read a bunch of blogs about how not to gain weight over the holidays to see if I can pick up some new tips for how to handle one of those holiday buffets where it’s like a potluck and everyone brings something.

Sure there were the usual:

  • Eat a snack before you go
  • Use a small desert plate
  • Sit away from the food
  • Load up on veggies without dip

And of course my personal standby’s:

  • Chew gum until it is really really time to eat something (if ever)
  • Bring a large flavored water until it is really really time (if ever) to have a drink
  • Order standby’s (egg beater omelet or big salad with grilled chicken or salmon with veggies and plain baked potato)
  • Exercise more  at mid range, Not exclusively HIIT-high intensity interval training,  that makes me ravenous

But I was really looking for some new ones and even some research:

  • Face away from food along with sit farther away: Thin People are 3 time more likely to sit FACING away from the food – heavy people are 71% more like to sit facing the food buffet… and sat at a restaurant on average 16 feet closer than the thin people.
  • Use a smaller plate – time after time research showed that people put more on their plate and ate more with a bigger plate. Even when they were sure they did the opposite and were trying to do less!
  • Sit with the skinny people. People who are eating trigger the eating response in your brain. and get you thinking about eating.
  • Add a napkin and hold a drink in your other hand. It’s very hard to get hand to mouth!
  • Chew more times – Heavier people chewed 11 times, thinner people chewed 13 times.
  • If you spike blood sugar, you’re storing fat, so choose non sugar based foods. Choose roasted/baked over fried.  Chose oil (olive) over refridgated fat (butterish)
  • Scout the food before getting the plate. Heavier people grab the plate first and start adding.

All these things should actually help me to lose a pound or two by the time the new year gets here right?!?

The other thing I want to learn to focus on is NOT take or eat food out of guilt because someone cooked, bought it or fixed just for me.  The guilt food is one of my worst things, because it’s totally emotional eating. Usually it is something I don’t even like. I think it’s just this once but there are alot of people who do that to me (or just do that, not to me, for me. whatever. the pounds and the eating because someone wants me to is NOT a good thing.


2 thoughts on “My Strategies on How NOT to Gain Weight This Holiday Season

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