Working the Plan

Last night went out for a birthday party celebration with my church friends. There were 9 of us. Two cars drove up to Little Italy in Cleveland. Awesome restaurant with award winning Italian food.

So, what to do. Ah HA! I spotted my favorite. Mussels. With vegetables in a clear broth sauce as an appetizer.

So I asked the waitress if she would put those over past as a entree and I paired it with a house salad w dressing on the side. Turns out the dressing was balsalmic so no problem.

One glass of Pino-Gree and I think I got out of there with a great time with friends and a delicious dinner under 600 calories.

Glad mine had veggies in it. And not an alfredo sauce. I skipped the birthday cake too (the slices were big- huge.)

There were 2 other people really watching their weight too. Lots of water, left more than half of their food and got a to go. Ate 3 bites of the cake.

I have a tough time not finishing my food. I finish. Member of the clean plate club.
So I can’t take it to start. Two glasses of water was good too.

And talking/asking questions making it about the people.

So, I ended up with a half pound loss this morning. YEAH!!!


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