Finish 2014 and Start 2015

Yesterday was the last exercise day of the year 12/30  with TRX fusion with Kettlebells and bootcamp type body weight exercises. Weight 154.8 –

We did 3 rounds of circuits (kettlebell/bootcamp/TRX suspension): I think of 18 minutes (could that be?!?) with 45 seconds or 1 minute in between.

Full  group one or 2 minutes of stuff maybe 3 minute warm up – run the track, high knees, jumping jacks, butt kicks, repeat the high knees, jumping jacks, butt kicks.

1) 60 seconds of something and 2-3  exercises.

2) two exercises for one minute split: 50/10, 40/20, 30/30, 20/40 and 10/50.

3) one minute each of two exercises until the 5 minutes were up.

Go around twice at each of the 3 stations and then get a water break. I’m sweating/dripping after the first station.

I was using the purple kettlebell (20) and could easily swing for 1 minute. Squat press with green kettlebell (15) for one minute.  Single arm clean and press with green kettle bell was still very hard with the left but a cinch with the right arm. I really like and am comfortable with kettlebell.  The Extending behind the head is hard for me (triceps) but the squat with bicep curl is easy. I even used the 25 pound pumpkin colored ball for swinging a few times.  It’s crazy to me how far I’ve come in 1 year with Kettlebells. Okay, one year and 4 months (sept 2013 until now)

The boot camp stuff was all body weight exercises… but the hard ones! Half burpees, pushups with spiderman legs, jump tucks, side to side burpee legs, triceps pushups = all of these were very challenging to me, I feel like I regressed in the bootcamp area.  Burpees even seem hard to me now.  Jump tucks for one minute (UGH) Not sure why. My joints seem stiffer. I haven’t been wearing a heart monitor but I’m curious if my heart rate is higher or I’m becoming less tolerant of working out at 155 bpm for 6 minutes at a time. Or maybe it’s the 5 or 6 minutes, The instructor was with our group this time and it’s always harder when he’s in our small group. No doggin it.  But even at my max, I feel like I only did about half the stuff he asked us to do. So either I have to get stronger or accept that I’ve maxed out for my age, weight and mental focus.

Oh yeah and the plank circuit: push-up then twist to a T with one arm in the air for a second, then another push up and twist with the other arm in the air. (I like that one because I have a pretty strong core now.)  But then the tricept pushup, and after one minute, hold a low push up (I couldn’t! so I held a high plank), then low plank, crucifix plank. The arms were gone! UGH.

TRX – wow. biggest improvements here, but I still feel like a poser.  I can do the squat/row easy. Even with my feet near the center. I think because I’m flexible. The suspended legs with slow mountain climbers are hard, but doable. Then comes the dreaded pushup-pikes.  I do 3 or 4 or sometimes 5 if I’m feeling strong before going on my knees on the matt.  I managed to get 4 rounds of 4 or 16 of those yesterday in one minute.  The pushups were crappy form, bearly breaking my elbows and certainly not chest to floor! but the pikes were okay.

Overall a HUGE improvement over September.  I wonder if I can continue improving on TRX what I’ll say next Dec 31st.  Will it be as big of an improvement like Kettlebells??? I can do the one legged pistol pretty well, the arms press well, the arm curl (okay)… but its the stuff on the mat that is a killer. With the legs suspended out behind.

Funny – the alarm just went off. I had had it set for a week ago (Christmas Eve) where I ran the 5 mile Frosty.  Maybe I should run 5 miles today!? And that becomes my Weds workout. I smile to myslef, because I’m fighting a cold and I am still thinking of working out. It’s amazing to me that I love exercise now. Simply amazing.

Yesterday when I came home from working out, I did some work, but crashed and slept for 2 hours in late morning.  Then asleep by 5 pm until 7:30 when family got home. (After a very sad funeral) Then slept 9 to 6 am.  Fighting a cold. Husband was sick w bad cough for 11 days straight. I’m not coughing but have pressure when my head is lower than my hips. Sneezing.  Hopefully I fend it off.

Pretty amazing to me that I ran a 5K (3.1) on Dec 6 and a 5 mile on Dec 24 and here I am talking about doing 5 miles every Weds?! that’s an improvement. Still struggling to keep my Achilles tendons loose by rolling my calfs.

This morning Dec 31 woke up to 156.8. Probably the pretzels and peanut butter before the funeral. Dinner was canned tuna in water over 3 cups sauteed veggies in a TBSP of Olive Oil. Probably lots of salt. Had 3 eggs for breakfast and 4 pieces of toast.

My goal for 2015, to end the year more fit than I started.

  • So for running that means better than 5 miles at 12:36.
  • For Kettlebell, swinging a minute with the pumpkin colored – easily and clean and press one arm each with the blue (18 pound)
  • For TRX better form pushup/pikes and more than 16 in a minute.
  • For weight: to be at 149.

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