28 Day Detox and Marathon Relay Sign Up

Two big things to talk about today:

I’m ending the first week of a 28-day detox meal plan. Must say the food is delicious, but I’m burning thru the calories. Many of the meals/soups remind me of the zero point soup recipe with quinoa and or chick peas added. Then add spaghetti squash and put back into the squash as a bowl.  Lots more spices than I usually add to things.

No bread. Few oils (olive/coconut.) Limited fruit. No dairy. No alcohol. And the biggie – that I’m cheating on – no caffeine. I must say, I’ve had a cup or 2 of coffee each day. It’s affecting my work, I’m thinking of upping it to 3 cups a day.

This morning 153.8. So that’s a good thing. Headed in the right direction. When I weighed in at the gym, the numbers were flipped: 158.3.  I didn’t really lose 5 pounds, part is morning vs night weight. Other part is clothes vs naked. But still when I weigh in Monday morning, it’s bound to be a loss. Glad that something is working to make me accountable. Plus about 7 of my friends from the gym are doing it so we can commiserate.

I signed up to do the Akron Marathon Relay with some other friends.  Each leg is under 6 miles. And it looks like some of the worst hills were eliminated from the course. It’s September 26 so I’m going to do a 10K training for it. Woot! Something to look forward to and train for.


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