Real Age

real ageOkay, so I was disappointed when I first saw this. But when I checked back, I almost doubled.  My calendar age now is 57.8 and my “real age” is 50.8  so I saved 7 years.

It didn’t really sink in that I was 57.8 (wow, almost 58!!)… maybe because they changed the way the graphic looks when you get to the end.

But when I checked back earlier in my blog when I did this test, I was 4.1 younger back in Sept of 2010.  So in the past 5 years, I’ve only “aged a year and 4 months.” Feels like a lot more!

And the first time I did this test, I think it was I was in my 40’s but it came out I was older than my age. No surprise that I didn’t make a photo of the results!!

So I really have been reversing this aging process. Or at least improving my odds.


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