Maintaining a Loss While Going Away for the Weekend

Just got back from a delightful weekend skiing in New York state. Stayed at a friend’s house on the lake and skied at two different resorts. Communal eating, eating lodge food, eating at a apres ski restaurant, drinking after skiing.

Got back and weighed in at 153.4. (Major victory) So how did I manage it?

1) brought fruit (berries) and made a fruit salad to add to the bacon and bagels for breakfast.
2) boiled a dozen eggs and brought those. Ate 2 with my mixed fruit breakfast.
3) brought 2 eggs for my lunch in my pocket
4) drank lots of water
5) only had a half of glass of wine, then a quarter, then a quarter… so while I sat around drinking wine all night with everyone, it really was only one complete glass
6) ate only veggies with the hummus. No pita chips, no cheese, no crackers
7) at the lodge made a salad with mixed greens, lots of veggies, no dressing.
8) out to dinner, ordered the salmon on a salad and had her HOLD the dinner roll. (I would have caved on the dinner roll for sure… dinner was at 9 and I was starving!)
10) Didn’t comment much when I was teased about the salad.”Chris, you skied all day, you don’t have to do the lettuce thing.) I just said, I didn’t realize everyone else was getting burgers. (btw, the salmon was small, expensive but very delicious)
11) had a small bag of raw almonds in my pocket to snack on. Could unobtrusively eat about 7 or so on the chair lift to keep my stomach from going crazy when I was feeling hungry.

One of the hardest things for me on a weekend with a bunch of people is the “group decision delay factor”. When I’m hungry, I get gotta eat right now. My messages from the stomach are insistent. If I don’t do something to hold them off, When I finally do get a chance to eat, I inhale and it’s usually bad. ie rolls the waitress brought or chips or other pre-meal foods that are high calorie but low or no nutrients.

Meanwhile, with 8 people discussing where to eat, when to meet, who is riding with who, added logistics…. the meals are delayed 1 to 2 hours. IE appetizers went on for 2-3 hours while someone drove in late from out of state, holding dinner. Dinner the next night was 4 hours after we left the slopes.

So for next time:
– definitely bring fruit (berries, green apples) and protein (eggs/nuts).
– Bring more bottled water.
– Continue to avoid the carbs like the plague.

Also knowing that I had a recorded weigh in to do on Monday morning was definitely making me toe the line.  So being in a program where I record my weight when I go away is crucial.


One thought on “Maintaining a Loss While Going Away for the Weekend

  1. You did good! I find the less sugar (even hidden) and grains (hidden too) that I eat, the more protein I eat, the less stomach hunger I have. Protein and healthy fats really help diminish stomach hunger pangs. Just a thought. 🙂

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