Committing to meal planning

Well, the 28 day detox ended well for me at 150.6… about 8 pounds down in 28 days. I’m thinking most of the difference is having meal plans with recipes instead of coming home hungry and read to eat (without a plan).

I hate to commit to a meal plan, but I’m not sure why. It’s kinda like laying out the next day’s clothes, it takes all the “creativity/spontainty” out of the day. But it’s weird, if I have fun plans for the next day, i love laying out my clothes and anticipating the next day. I usually layout my workout clothes. And i have about 8 work outfits that i can throw together in less than 1 minute and look “put together”.

So why do I resist the food?? Maybe I need to get a few staple recipes that I know the calorie counts and how to cook/prep and I’ll like it all better.

After reading a bit about it, I’m thinking I’ll figure out a weekly theme:

Mondays: Veggie Night
Tuesdays: Soup Night
Wednesday: Beef Night
Thursdays: Chicken Night
Fridays: Rice & Beans Night
Saturdays: Dinner on the Grill (summer) maybe in the blender in the winter?
Sunday: Crock Pot afternoon


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