Spring Again! YES!! And Keeping the Focus on Maintaining

The last few weeks, well actually most of this year, I’ve been focusing on readjusting my food.  Something about the really cold cold weather makes me want to just eat.  We’ve had too many days this winter of negative numbers… to the point when zero degrees feels like “spring”!

This week, yesterday, the weather was in the low 50’s and the ice is starting to melt. And I feel like I’ve made it through the desert. Through the low point. Thru the worst of it.

My sleep patterns are messed up (daylight savings time and a bad cold) but I’ve been getting hours and hours and hours of sleep. Naps on the couch before dinner. And staying in PJs most of the weekend. Getting dressed to go work out. Getting dressed for a business meeting.  But mostly just trying to get thru the day. Get thru the winter.

FINALLY I’m feeling more up beat again. Looking for crocuses. Thinking about bike riding. Went out for a fun afternoon with a girlfriend yesterday. Starting to live again.

I think I have been depressed, maybe SAD (seasonal attitude disorder) because winter is such a low time to me.

But now that spring is in the air, I’m feeling hopeful again. Like a tree getting some buds. Like green grass that going to need a mower before the yard is dry enough to mow. Like warm wind on my face.  Made it thru winter.

And I’m back on my weight maintenance.  Thanks to the 28 day detox Jan 12 to Feb 12. And here it is March 15, the IDES of March. and I’m at 151.3.  Good shape. Point Three above a Free WW for Lifetime. And that starving feeling is gone.  I feel like strapping on my shoes and doing my jog run for 3 miles. Getting that glimmer back of bike riding and running outside, and gardening and taking the dogs for a walk and having a glass of wine on a patio laughing with friends. Spring = live again.

sunflowers and black eyed susansI think I’m going to stare at my gardens and figure out where to plant those sunflower and coneflower seeds.  And think about buying a new pair of workout pants with a matching top.


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