Hurting Hip.

154.0 Hurt my hip with too much of something. Kettlebell? tight quads/hamstrings? My hip feels like it has a charlie horse inside it. Maybe arthritis? It’s a grabbing stabbing kind of pain… followed by aching numbing kind of pain down the outside of my thigh (IT band?)

Not sure what it is exactly, Maybe a tight back that moved down my hip again. Kinda like last summer (or was it the summer before that?) during the family reunion?

Maybe I should dial it back on the work outs. I skipped spinning yesterday and “anything goes” today (kettlebell/TRX/body weight HIIT workout).

Feeling discouraged and old and achy. Plus I have to take my mom to the pain doctor today and I’m hurting. Feels bad. Kinda foreboding.

Mad at myself. Contemplating not doing boot camp this summer.


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