After the hamstring massage – My glute needs to fire first

So my muscles are firing in the wrong order.  I’m using my hamstring when I should be using the glute.  Time to start training my butt.

When my hamstring overworks, it gets tight. So tight that it squeezes the nerve.

And a squeezed nerve means pain. Of the ouchy kind of pain! Running down my leg and even tingling hurting the muscle on the right side of my shin on my right leg.

Yesterday I got a great sports massage on my right leg/hip/butt muscles. I say great but it hurt so bad. I didn’t yell out but it really hurt. Well I did say ow, ow, ow. At one point I had to take a break and she worked on the left side alittle.  I told her about my shoulder injury skiing on Jan 14… and she said it’s possible that babying the shoulder caused more work for the hip.

But what she said was that my muscles recruit my hamstring first instead of my piriformis glute. It’s not that it isn’t strong, it’s just I’m recruiting them in the wrong order.

So, before each work out I have to warm up the glutes with the myrtle series. And also roll out the glute (from where the top of the back pocket of the blue jeans hits, up to the waist band) and then the front of the thigh / quad.  This will allow the piriformis to fire before the hamstring. And help the hamstring not to get too tight at the top, squishing the nerve.

I’m better today, but it still hurts. A lot.  But it comes and goes now.

Also. Only ice. Not heat.  And only 20 minutes at a time, not hours.



One thought on “After the hamstring massage – My glute needs to fire first

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