Food Focus: Veggies. Then Meat. The right fats.

I’ve been working on my own 30 day challenge so I hit my birthday 5 pounds lighter.  I’m 4 days away.  At one point I was down 3 pounds, but right now I’m only down 1.  I guess it’s better than being up, right?

New focus: Prioritizing types of food.

1) Veggies:

leaves: spinach, lettuce, kale
stems: broccoli, asparagus, celery.
bulbs: onions, garlic
roots: carrots and beets
tubers: potatoes and yams

where’s the tomatoes? Oh yeah, they are a fruit.

2) Meat:

Chicken – roasted or crock pot, flavored either “italian” or “Thanksgiving”
Grass fed beef – sautedTuna – in water
Tilapia or Salmon – baked in olive oil/lemon

3) Good Fats:

Coconut – fry eggs, and veggies
Olive oil – lower heat cooking.


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