Still Icing and Stretching

I really thought I’d be done with this pain by now.

Did vinyasa flow yoga on Saturday and last Wednesday. Awesome for stretching. Great instructor. I struggle with a lot of the poses because of this pain, but I know it’s helping my flexibility and improving the problem.

But I can’t believe how far backwards I’ve slid since this has happened.

Sunday did a very slow (10 mph), short (10 mile) bike ride on almost all flat hike/bike trail as a trial. I was hurting last night. Tough sleeping.

I checked it on Strava… and that 9.8 miles was the slowest I’ve ridden since I started recording things on Strava.

Ice, Ice baby. That’s become my theme song. That and roller hip, roller quad, roller calves… then clamshells, single leg raise, hydrants, donkey whip (which sounds bad, but is just hydrants to the back), single leg hurdles, etc. Pigeon, what I call the 4 hip stretch, and other hip openers.


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