Train My Brain to Prefer Healthy Alternatives

Love this article about retraining the brain:

I’m going to focus on this for a while for getting my diet motivation in high gear so I’m thinking of resisting foods that taste good but rather preferring food that will strengthen my body.

Food as fuel. What a concept.

(not food as reward or punishment.)

Exercise update: still fighting the piriformis muscle. A 28 hour trip to Nashville really had it swollen and hurting by the time I got home. i checked my bag on the way home. Seems like a good idea right? NO! Don’t do that again. I had to carry my laptop instead of rolling it around on my bag. Would have been better to deal with a lift into the overhead bin and clenching my abs to get it up there (like I did on the way to Nashville) than slinging the laptop and purse over my shoulder, lifting and carrying it for 75 minutes waiting for plane and then from gate to baggage claim.

Never thought of that. But as soon as I checked my bag, I realized my mistake!!

I created a checklist of 42 exercises (I count left and right separately) for waking up the glutes and retraining my muscles. Roller, clams/hydrants, pigeon pose, bridge, lots of stretching. Gonna try it everyday for a week and see how that goes. Today Yoga. Tomorrow a half hour with a trainer.


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