Just this Once… Why Not?

Interesting article about LoopHoles

Basically, what is the difference if I skip the gym today, just this once?
What’s the difference if I eat this Panera breakfast bagel, just this once?
What’s the difference if I don’t go to weight watchers or track my points today, just this once?

The difference is… nothing if it really is just this once.

The problem is the incremental onces.

Which visit to the gym was it that I turned into a gym rat?
Which bike ride was it that I turned into an athlete?
When was it that I became fit? Which exact day?

It’s maybe the first day – because that was the very most HARDEST!
I still remember my first bike ride with the SOB’s (I had gone 8 miles and BEGGED my husband to go back.)
I still remember my first time walking into the spinning room and the nervous feeling.
I still remember the first day i signed up for boot camp and almost threw up before I even showed up because I was nervous.
My first time to train with my favorite instructor and I was almost in tears because I was scared.
The first time I climbed up the climbing wall at the gym (well, actually I’ve only done it once but it was soo soooo scary before I did it and felt so sooooo fun after I did it… Just haven’t made time to do it again.)

My first 5K (I wasn’t scared, but I didn’t train. and I came in dead last. And it was 15 minutes after the person infront of me.) Not a good experience. Now I don’t get too nervous (I still get nervous, just not too much.) It still doesn’t feel like “old hat”.

But Getting OUT of a habit… which time of the “just this once” mentality breaks the athlete? The fit gym rat? The weight watcher who tracks? The spinning bike rider who actually enjoys breathing hard and doing the jumps?

Each workout has the potential… or each skipped workout.


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