Glute Updated and Avoiding Trigger Foods from a Friend

Today marks the 6th week since I’ve been without the butt pain. While it is MUCH MUCH better, I still don’t dare go back to my much loved T/Th/Sat HIIT workouts. I still have trouble doing 15 squats and the 15 hydrants and worry about doing the lunges.

On Thursday night I rode 15 miles on my bike. Warmed up before hand and did a bit of stretching afterwards. It’s awkward getting on the ground and doing the warm up/stretching afterward. I’ve got to “get over it” because I know that is a key to getting/keeping my glutes working right and not straining the piriformus muscle.

Yesterday was a food struggle. I’m doing the 30 day challenge for May. Did okay early on. Morning of fried eggs, no toast. Fruit at the Panera breakfast (but of course my well intentioned friend had put at least 1/4 cup of sugar on the fruit. For some reason she thinks it’s not sweet enough.

On the way to the office stopped at the grocery store, bought almonds, berries and sweet potato. Ate berries and almonds but forgot the S.W. in the car. So I ate too many almonds, resulting in a gain this morning. You really shouldn’t have them as a MEAL!

But about 3 pm (my worst time of day!) a coworker walks in to wish all of us “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”. So nice. But with chocolate. No thanks I say. Oh come on she said. No, really, I’m trying to quit. Oh come on it’s dark chocolate! she says. So I take it. But I’m mad. Between her chocolate and her office mate’s cookies it’s always full of sweets and carbs. I keep bringing in fruit and nuts, but I have a tough time controlling the environment. When I came home, I made gluten free pasta, not too much and ate it with sockaroni sauce. Not too bad, but too much salt and sugar in a prepared sauce. Too tired to cook my own. and I added parmasain cheese. Also not part of the 30 day challenge. So I’m up 1.3 on the scale today.

I ended up taking the chocolate back into the kitchen and out of my office. But I noticed she left a pile of the chocolate in the front conference room about 10 steps in front of me. I think I’ll move them back to the kitchen on Monday.

Otherwise, they will live in my head all day until I unwrap one (then another and another and another) at about 3 pm when my willpower weakens and the sugar / caffeine craving is the strongest.

she doesn’t know my struggle. And I don’t feel like telling her. I’ve tried. She doesn’t listen. She’s just offended I won’t take her gift. Maybe you think I should just take it and then say thankyou. And then when she leaves the room, throw it in the trash. But there is something psychological inside my head about taking it and saying thank you that is accepting it. I have the hardest time accepting a sweet/treat something and then throwing it away. If I don’t take it, it’s not mine. So it’s much easier to give away, throw away or put back. But as soon as I take it and say thank you. UGH!

People sometimes put the cookies and sweets in the freezer. On a really bad day (bad client call and 3 pm and tired with maybe a cold layered on top) I really can’t resist. None of use really “needs” the cookies, but they show up. Maybe in the OLDEN days, donuts/cookies/chocolate were a good gift. But I look at it like a huge trigger food for me. And most of the people who give it to me are not trying to get healthy, watch their weight, overcome this particular hurdle so they look at me like I have 2 heads.

I usually keep a can of tuna packed in water in my desk. Nothing like a bunch of protein to get me thru a tough afternoon.

Any body have good strategies for getting thru the 3 pm witching hour? Or how to not accept the trigger food that will haunt me until I eat it?


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