Better! Finally!

Okay, it took 2 months of recovery this time.

I can lie down on my stomach and raise my leg up without it quivering and shaking and falling. So I’ve got my glutes firing in the right order (I think) and have strengthened and retrained my muscles.

In 60 days, I think I only skipped my exercises maybe 4 times when I was really hurting. I didn’t do 2 or 3 sets, only one set, but still, compared to what I do when I’m by myself, I’m really proud of myself for following thru.

Biking: On Sunday I did a 24 mile bike ride with only twinges getting back into the truck or sitting at breakfast maybe 3 times or so.

Diet – food

Not going as well as I’d hoped, but not a disaster either. I started a 30 day challenge on May 5, I’m halfway into it and have not really attended to it. But I’ve done it enough that I’m EXACTLY the same weight this morning as when I started. I’m 2.8 pounds heavier than when I got hurt.

Avoiding Reinjury
I’m going to keep up my warm up and stretching routine before working out and stretching after to keep my glute muscles from getting inhibited.

Sleep with pillow between the knees and don’t cross the knees. Stretch a little (20 seconds) thruout the day.

Change my Running:

To reduce the potential for chronicity, runners with piriformis syndromes should sleep on their side with a pillow folded between their knees, and sit with their knees straight. Because a piriformis syndrome tends to produce low grade discomfort that can go on for months, it is usually possible to continue running with this injury. To reduce strain on the piriformis muscle while running, consider shortening your stride by increasing your cadence 10 percent. Also consider switching to a midfoot strike pattern. By correcting common perpetuating patterns and improving hip strength and flexibility, most piriformis syndromes can easily be resolved in a few months.

You know, I had that low grade discomfort before the big event on 3/21 but just ignored it. I’m not going to ignore it again. When I feel it coming on:

1) go get a massage
2) do the 3 part routine of roller, side-to-side, standing out to side warm up. Then cat/cow, hydrants, straight backs, squats, lunges, bird dogs and mountain climbers. Then the side plank, 90 degree knee, twist to back, crossed leg standing and forward fold. First two parts particularly before a workout and the last one after.
3) ice, ice, ice. then heat for blood flow.


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