My Fallback Plan to Get Moving Forward Again

I just love the idea of a “Fallback Plan” where I figure out my least difficult forward option to keep the momentum moving forward.

After my piriformis glute problem that has persisted for 3 months now, I’ve had a steady increase in weight (157.2 today) and a steady decline in exercise (only 80% of my 5 mile a day goal over the past 3 months.) I’m still doing a plan, but its more like 3 notches down.

Instead of exercising 5 days a week (2 spinning and 3 bootcamps) I’m more like 3 or 4 days a week with mild physical therapy.

My exercise is spotty. I don’t wake up and put on my exercise clothes, I have been forcing/dragging myself into it.

My eating is too mindless. I’m looking in the fridge and then grabbing something that looks good. At least I’m still mindfully shopping. Lots and lots of veggies. So sometimes the mindless is roasting veggies and snacking on those. Good.

But this post about how not to lose momentum by having a fallback plan that you will do even when the doing’s hard is great.

  • Salad at lunch (I did that yesterday with a lot of spinach in a pita, but I wasn’t interested in the pita.)
  • tuna on cut up veggies
  • cauliflower fest dinner
  • Go to the gym later if I miss my morning time slot. Or even do the routine at home.
  • Leg lifts – body weight squats – lunges – bird dogs – lots of piriformis stretches.

Yesterday was a good day at the gym. I did two rounds of reps of the hard stuff and everything in the right order (dynamic stretching first and static stretching at the end) with tow rounds of “hard” reps in between.

Not so good at the fridge. Breakfast was good, but still hungry after. Lunch was good, but still hungry after.  Dinner wasn’t planned, and turned into a lot of snacking.  Lots of “good” snacking, but not satisfying or feeling like I had a good dinner.

So if I was giving grades: B+ at the gym for exercising (maybe even A-) and a C+ for the eating. Today I’ll work on making my fallback plan for the days that are really tough.


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