Jog 1.77 mi on 6/22/15 14.02 pace

Today has been 3 months since my injury and I’m getting back into it. Started today with a light jog/walk on my usual path of Rave. Round trip was less than 2 miles, but I was only shooting for a mile and a half at a 15 minute pace, so I actually was faster on both.

No earphones or music because I didn’t want the distractions. Was trying to run on the “palms” of my feet instead of the heels or outside edge where I usually wear down the shoes. Kept feeling it on the inside of my instep.

I think i may take a trip to the shoe store and get some opinions. Now that I’m not 65 pounds overweight (only 15!) I think that they will talk to me instead of being so rude.

Hard to “forgive” them, but it was probably all in my head since I felt so weird walking into a running store when i obviously was big.

Had a great weekend, Rode bikes at Chatauqua Lake – about 30 miles on Saturday. Thursday got 18 miles in. Weekend before did 50. I’m going to try to ride tomorrow and also on Thursday.

Run on Weds and Friday mornings if possible. When I say run, I mean light jog. All of this is holding back just trying to build up some stamina and muscle memory.


  • Dog Days Wine Tour of 65 miles (bike)
  • Sweet Corn Challenge of crazy hills 50 miles (bike)
  • MS150 Buckeye Breakaway 150 miles (bike)
  • Training for September 26 Saturday Akron Marathon Relay 5.8 miles (run)

Funny, the 5,8 miles has me SO MUCH more intimidated than the 150 miles or even 50 sweet corn.


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