Hot Day of Biking Yesterday!

Yesterday was the Dog Days Wine Tour. The weather got very hot! In fact, 89 degrees and sunny as the day wore on. At 2 pm, after only 56 miles, (I wanted to do the full 74 miles) I decided to get SAGged in. Was just on the edge of heat problems (slight head ache, upset stomach, too hot core body and started not to think straight, getting into a bad/mad mood.) There was no shade on the ride the last 18 miles between stops and I ran out of water.

Dumping water over my head and soaking my scarf helped cool me down, but I still couldn’t get my core cool. Even sitting at the picnic table for an hour plus afterwards my heart was going at 88 or 89 beats per minute.

This morning as I sit here typing and drinking coffee it is at 50 BPM give or take 5 or 8 beats. Even saw 42 beats when I wasn’t moving at all. So 88 is a high resting heart rate for me for sure. Feeling normal this morning!

Meanwhile, my piriformus muscle performed wonderfully yesterday. I brought my roller and rolled before and after. Also did some stretching at mile marker 38 with pidgeon stretch. I was so loose during the ride that I couldn’t even feel the pidgeon stretch on the right side. So I’m feeling good about that part.

Wish I hadn’t got so overheated. Maybe if I drank more water before the event I would had been in better shape. Just had a coffee on the hour drive there. (woke up at 5:15, left the house at 6:15, arrived at the event at 7:15… left the parking lot at 7:45 with temperatures at 73 degrees and sunny. By 2 pm the sunny was NOT WELCOME! I drank at least 4 water bottles during the ride and 2 glasses of gatorade, ate 3 or 4 pickles (out of character for me! But “they” say the salt helps you.) I think I will skip the pickles next time. I thought it might work, so I ate them over the course of 4 hours. Definite skip next time.

Hopefully next week’s Corn Challenge won’t be as hot and the MS ride will be in the mid 70’s and overcast. Love that kind of weather for riding.

In other news, I ran 3.1 miles Friday 7/10 13:27, 3.1 miles on Sun 7/12 13:22 and did a good 4 miles on Tuesday 7/14 with a 13.33 pace. Feeling good about the Relay Team training. Right where I want to be. Going to try to run twice this week, but just 3.1 runs… back to the mileage after Buckeye Breakaway Aug 1-2. My plan is to get to 6 miles at a 12:30 pace by Sept 20 or so.

Been doing lots of riding.  20 miles on Thursday for Potluck, 56 yesterday and probably a short 15 or so today to the Taste of Tremont.

My weight is very high at 159 today. I’m sure that all the salt I ate yesterday is at least 2 pounds of it.  Going to eat clean today (although we are going to a street fair so I may have to start Monday when I can control all my food choices!)

Not sure this is true, but it sure does the “ego” good. Sorry for bragging!


Seeing results like this, even on an arbitrary online test, makes me feel like I’m doing the right things. It would be very interesting to me to take the real VO2Max test.

But not arbitrary, last week at the doctor visit, blood pressure was 106/66.  So bike riding and running is keeping most of my numbers good.  The scale is high, so I will be modifying my eating a bit more to change that. Fewer carbs, more “good” fats. Also, more water!!


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