Training for the Relay

Yesterday was a successful day. I’m feeling my oats and very quietly extremely satisfied with my progress. (Canary smile.) Working the plan. I ran the 6 miles!

ran the route 6 milesSlow, yes I know. That was the plan. Plus I want to finish… not just try. The day I do it, 3 weeks from now, will be much faster. I’m shooting for a 11:30. Interval training from now until then will get me there.  The point yesterday was to do it, check the hills and look  around the landmarks so I’m not doing it for the first time.

I signed up for another race, tomorrow. a 3.1 5K. Last Tuesday I ran 4.5 at 11:50.  So I’m thinking I’ll shoot for the 5k tomorrow @ 11:30 a minute. I did the 11:50 with intervals for one minute run like hell and two minutes walk to catch my breath. I did the Christmas Story House run at 11:30, but it was cold… not humid like now.  I might put the tabita on vibrate because I don’t want everyone to hear my numbers etc. or maybe just guestimate the run/walk cycles.  The 2 minute walk was too slow.

I don’t want to mess up the timer on the walk my mile which I did for about .4 of mile when I was trying it on Tuesday. It autopaused the walk my mile app when I turned on the other app to change something. Plenty of time to play with my phone.

Meanwhile, my weight is still high at 157.2.  But I haven’t been watching the food portions, just being careful the type of food.  My body feels like I’m retaining water with the heat and humidity. It was over 90 degrees yesterday.


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