Hot Race Yesterday

Yesterday was a fun run with my friend. It was a race actually so we met at the beginning and chatted, but when the flag dropped, it was serious! 🙂 I ran intervals, fast for a minute then slow.  I didn’t want to be obnoxious and use my timer with it going off and talking to me during the race, so I used my heart monitor.  There were times I let it get up to 172… but mostly ran with the peaks being around 165 or 162… and the lows in the 150’s.

With the heat and humidity, even at 9 am, that was a lot. The humidity wiped me out and overwhelmed the endorphins after the race. I started out faster than usually, caught up in the “heat of the moment” but got into a rhythm about the second mile. The last half mile I pushed it as much as possible… finishing the race at 175 beats per minute. (which is high for me!) Belive me, today is going to be a real rest day!

I would like to say it was a PR. Unfortunately my Map my Run report gave better numbers. I thought I did PR, but finished with a 12:16 average. Mapmyrun said 11:09 and gave 3.47 as the distance. Very odd. So weirdly, I was disappointed. Mostly because now I don’t trust my mapmyrun numbers that I’ve been looking at. Silly I know, but a head game just the same. I should be thrilled with 12:16 in that heat. Looking back at my training times, it’s crazy how much the heat will sap your time. I’m not sure what the temperature was during the race, but at 2:30 when I was driving my car, the care thermometer said 94 and the low was 66. I may have been 73 or 4 when we raced.

I was thinking about my PR of 11:30 last December (very cold!). I should put my grateful hat on and be thinking about I’m running again and this was the first race of 2015! Without piriformis pain!
Race to the Taste Certifica 2015


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