Akron Relay – in the Books! 11:57 pace

Akron marathon relayDoing the relay on Saturday was more fun than I even had anticipated. The nervousness of hoping not to let down the team and trying to find each other added to the emotion of the day.

I woke up about 2 am and couldn’t get back into a deep sleep, so just twilight until about 4:30 am and then got up. By the time my alarm went off, I had already had a shower, was dressed and had breakfast (spinach in coconut oil/egg beaters and pumpernickel toast.) I figured I wasn’t going to be running for another 3 hours so get something in my stomach. Turned out to be a good move.

It was still dark when I parked the car and wandered around looking for our first runner. Not even 6 am yet!

When there are 13,000 runners in a race, it is hard to find people! Even if you know their color shirt and approximately where they will be.

I watched them start and then walked to the next block where the switch would happen. Nerve racking waiting and wondering. I ate my banana and a little bit of peanut butter about 20 minutes before I was to run.

Took off about 8:18 and went like a shot, immediately. So glad I was wearing my heart monitor! It got me to slow down to a reasonable pace and then hold it around 150-156 right away.

I ran like that about the whole time. Except the hills. But I’d try to keep those around 156-165 or I’d get too tired. I wanted to save some to kick it up that last hill at the very end.

There were 3 water stations, but I only sipped water twice and just a taste of power aid. At mile 10 (my mile 4) I ate the sugar stingers so I wouldn’t run out of energy before the end. And that last mile or two I really cooked. Wish I had done my map my run so I could see it. At the top of the hill when I switched runners I glanced at the heart rate monitor 176. Weee OHHH. That’s ready to faint for me these days.

My heart rate quickly dropped and I did some stretching and drank a water. Pigeon and standing cross leg body fold. The wind kicked up (I never felt wind when I was running, but the temperatures were about 60 and cloudy – perfect.) I got cold after I finished. My friend had a hat she lent to me.

5.7 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes! I did an 11:57 pace! WOW!! that’s so awesome for me.

Our team came in at 4:57 for the marathon and I had predicted 5:24.


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