Training for the Turkey Trot – 5 Miles

I did a training run yesterday in 75 degree weather. Beautiful! I can’t believe we have summer weather in November. Great time to get a few miles in. I ran with a friend who is much faster than me, so the first mile was at my racing speed. Luckily we slowed way down/walked for the miles 2 and 3. Finished 3.2 at a 13:50 ish per mile 44 minutes.

That’s good that I got out there. Good that I did the miles. And good that I’m (slowly) losing some of that kettlebell I talked about.

The Turkey trot is on Saturday the 14th so only about 10 days away. I want to get 5 more runs in before that so I’m feeling my oats and READY. Not sure but I imagine some will be treadmill indoor runs!

Besides running, I want to put the focus on nutrition so I can actually achieve the kettle bell goal.


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