5 Mile Training Run

Yesterday I did a nice training run for the Turkey Trot. I ran 5 Miles.

5K training run November

The weather was cool almost cold, so I wore a tech shirt with a zipped up sweatshirt. I used the course map from the website. I haven’t signed up for the Frosty5 yet, but I did it last year with a 12:30 time and I’d love to beat it. I know I can if the weather is right.

  • First mile was uphill but I was feeling good. Didn’t take as long to get past the early “yuck” feeling for a run.
  • At the beginning of the second mile, passed a turn and had to double back. Maybe .1 more but not really. Ran along one of my favorites streets in town.
  • Took a drink of water at end of mile 2. Ran with a bottle and a map in my hand. It was cold enough to work well.
  • Not much waiting at the traffic light to cross. Mile 3 was a lot of concrete roads. I was feeling it in my big toes pushing off.
  • Mile 4 was along my regular training route Rave/Hay and the lake loops. Very familiar territory.
  • The last mile came up fast and my MapMyRun app announced I was done before I even had a chance to do the “sprint”. Maybe that’s why the .28 of the final was my best time. ha ha.

All together 5 miles at 12:51. Slow and steady.

splits 11 7 15


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