Slower but still on Track

I had a good run on Saturday at the Turkey Trot. My friend even won second place in our age group. (cool trophy!!) I turkey trotted along, pushing myself over the hills up and down to finish the 5 miles with a 12:12 pace just over one hour. I’d love to set one of my 2016 goals to do 5 miles in a sub one hour!! I think it is doable, but weather, course elevation, footing and my weight need to all be more optimal.

I ran most of the race with a guy in front of me wearing a weight jacket and I bet he had about 15 extra pounds. I kept thinking, hey, I have about 10 extra pounds… even 15, myself. I bet my time would rock if I can take off my jacket. (although my weight is more like weight pants since I’m carrying around my hips and thighs.)

Two women in front of me and one behind me were part of the same family (mother, daughter and grandmother… 38, 16 and 62.) There sister was there too. I would run and catch the 38 year old and 16 year old. Then they would run and get ahead of me. This went on for miles!  They finished about a minute ahead of me. During that last big hill as I saw them really pull away from me, the thought crossed my mind, I’m looking up their ages. They’ve got to be at least 10 years younger than me. So true.  20 years and 42 years! The one that was my age (4 years older than me came in at a 14:53 mile,) so I was 2:41 per mile faster. Of course she was probably walking as I was running, so I guess I shouldn’t be smug about it.  I’ll get faster as a I lose the weight.

I’m promising myself that!!

Eating was more of a challenge over the weekend with 4 other events (pizza meeting, out to dinner at a burger joint… then a fundraiser and bonfire) during the weekend.

How I coped:
1 – pizza meeting. One slice of cheese veggie only. (got a stomach ache anyway from the fat when I’ve been so good at eating cleaner.) Wished I had skipped it due to stomach ache. Not worth the calories and it was papa johns (My old favorite) Now is a definite skip.
2- burger place. ordered a broiled chicken salad with dressing on the side. Did indulge in 1/2 an order of sweet potato fries. Not too bad because fell within my food calories.
3- fundraiser. chewed gum during most of the fund raiser – but did indulge in a stromboli like pepperoni roll and 2 chocolate dipped pretzel rods. Most indulgent. Sitting during a 3 hour auction. Tough to resist for 3 hours.
4- Bonfire. Chewed gum at the buffet until almost everyone had eaten or started seconds. Took a bowl of chili but only 1/2. Then filled it with salad-y things after I ate the chili. Never got a plate. Also drank flavored water with a splash of red wine. Most successful strategy.

Still working on the kettlebell  challenge. Down 5 of the 15.  Saturday dinner party will be my next hurdle.  Same as 2 years ago on a Feb and was the beginning of a long tall climb.  Gotta work hard on the strategies for Saturday.


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