Back for a Month

early Saturday after workoutI’m feeling good about my exercise now. I can “keep up” with the others in my class… at least to the level that I ever keep up that is.

Rejoined Weight Watchers this month to learn about the SmartPoints and get those 15 pounds off. Have had some success. It is difficult during the holidays as there is sugar treats everywhere. Two Christmas parties this week and I was good… but a food gift got the better of me one night.

Not bad, just back at it again today.

Feeling strong. Cardio has improved and strength too. And being not hurt is wonderful! I go to my new doctor on Wednesday for a wellness visit. I hope I like her because I’m looking for a doctor for the next 40 years.  I’m switching from my doctor for the last 25 because he’s my age and will retire before I start to really need him. (Hopefully I won’t really need her either, but it’s good to get things set up before something happens.)

My gym just came out with the new list of classes. The one I take at 5:30 am is described as “WARNING this advanced class will push you to your limits. Not for the faint of heart” and is called Full Throttle. I’m looking forward to it, but hoping it’s not much more than the one I’m taking now.  I’m already at my limits or feel like I am. We’ll see. Maybe I will have to step it down.

I’m glad to see if I do step it down, there’s something at 7 am that I know is challenging but I can still do it. Plus on alternate dates there is a weightlifting class for women. I’ve got to at least try that.


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