The Six Days of Twix-Mas

Staying strong and sticking with the weight plan. I’m holding my weight, wanted to drop at least one more pound before the new year, but it’s way better than a gain!

Only got one workout in so far during the “Twix-Mas”, but am planning 3 more. Yesterday was really bad.  Drove an hour to visit family. Sat for 2 hours at 2 different houses… then sat thru StarWars movie… and drove another hour home. Didn’t even get 1000 steps in! Yeesh!

christmas day 2015The six days between Christmas and New Years Eve are always a challenge with leftovers and a different schedule. I found I just couldn’t get up for spinning this morning. Was in a deep sleep after getting lots of interrupted sleep last night. My plan is to run a few miles (3.1) this morning before work.

My visit with my new doctor went well. Got a flu shot and some things updated or ready to update (mammogram, colonoscopy, blood work and a new epipen.) When she listened to my heart she said, That’s what I like to hear! I can tell you do a lot of cardio.” (Pulse was 54.)

Didn’t run the Frosty5, but I’m thinking about the 4 pm resolution run on New Years Eve. Gonna see how today’s run goes.

Got lots of good Christmas presents: sliders, under armour hoodie, workout tech shirt, reflective running shirt with thumbholes. I feel good about it. Invited my sister to come workout at my gym on 1/23.

I have about 2 weeks until I’m going to decide if I do the relay again or if I sign up for a 1/2 marathon. Just not sure I can train and not get injured for the 1/2. Maybe I’ll give myself m0re than 2 weeks to decide. Just want to stay injury free but keep on working my 5 days of heavy exercise a week plan in 2016.


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