January workouts and getting stronger

january workoutsBeen tracking my workouts throughout January and I’ve worked out 16 of 23 days about 70% thru the month of January. I’ve gone running several times and done 3 spin classes, 1 yoga, 2 skiing and a core/cardio/strength class. Feeling pretty good and I’ve lost at least 1 pound since the first of the year.

Keep thinking about what 1) runs 2) bike rides 3)other adventures I want to take on this year.

Everybody (ha ha) is doing the half marathon this year. I say “everybody” because it sounds so high school… of course not everybody… but the people from my relay team last year. Instead of doing 6 miles, it’s 13.1 miles. I’ve not fully embraced that goal yet. I’m not sure I have it in me for doing the training. I’ll be bike riding, or working out and then getting too tired to run.

It’d be cool to say that I’m going to run the half. but not sure that being cool is what I’m going for. I’d much rather lose 5 pounds. Maybe I should learn to cook 3 more healthy dishes that i like to cook and that are super healthy to eat.


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