The goal of muscle mass percentage instead of a number on the scale

One of the blogs I read each morning is “Less of a Better Me” and this morning she was talking about the BMI goal vs a muscle mass goal.

I can relate so clearly to her description of motivation at goal/below goal and as it relates to fat percentages. I am 5′ 4″ and a half, so I struggle with the same few pounds as she describes, although right now I’m paying at weightwatchers because I’m above goal. I managed to stay at goal (+/- 2 lbs) for two years, but got an injury last March and the weight crept back on. I’m still trying to get it back down almost a year later!

I’ve been focusing on other goals besides WW weigh-ins because I want to get more muscle mass. It seems like the weight is much easier to maintain when I have more muscle to burn the calories and it is almost effortless. But gaining back weight made it that I’m constantly fighting the scale.

I signed up for a relay in the local marathon (not til Sept, but that gives me time to train) and a fundraiser long distance bike ride (not til Aug, so that also gives me time to train.) I’ve been skiing, spinning and doing some hiit classes, with some occasional running when there is no ice, to keep the muscle mass. But I think I need some personal training on the weights.

Something about the wintertime (even though its been a warm winter) but I crave carbs when it is cold outside.

It does seem like the scale number is very related to the muscle mass percentage. And that adding fat mass is way too easy! It is taking constant vigilance to keep the fat mass from growing and keeping the muscle mass at a decent percentage.


One thought on “The goal of muscle mass percentage instead of a number on the scale

  1. It is difficult (as you could no doubt see from my post). I do think the personal training and weights help. And, yes, one benefit of more muscle mass is you do burn more calories which helps with maintaining weight as well.

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