Mid February Slump – Looking for my Motivation

I’m feeling the mid-Feb slump. Lots of white stuff outside. Low of 3 degrees today… At least it is up to 12 degrees now. I’ll celebrate the high of 23 expected by 3pm today!

Is it any wonder I’m trying to force myself to count and track my food? Can’t motivate myself for my regular workout routine? Feel bushed after an hour and a half of skiing?

The weather has been changeable…

Wish it was like the middle one – Sunny and Blue Skies! But mostly it’s either the top or the bottom – overcast, cold or damp and dreary.

Changable weather

From MyFitnessPal blog:

So what is the most effective running intensity? Trick question! Different intensities offer different and complementary benefits. The most effective running programs include a variety of intensities. Specifically, research has shown that a program in which 80% of total running time is spent at low intensity (60–75% of maximum heart rate) and the remaining 20% at moderate (80–90%) and high intensity (>90%) produces the best results.

Maybe I’m trying to push it too much when I’m having a tough time just showing up.
So maybe my goal for Feb is just to show up and do the 80% at 60-75% MHR 104 to 130… which feels like I’m not really doing anything! And only 20% at 80-90 of 139 to 156… and high intensity over 156 beats per minute.

In my HIIT class, I’m trying to keep my heart rate at 150 or lower, but I am dogging it when it hits 145.

The other thing I think I’ll try is to drink 20 ounces of water an hour and half before the workout so I’m fully hydrated. I think grabbing a coffee before I go with just a half banana and some peanut butter is leaving me dehydrated.


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