Working the Plan

We are more than 1/2 way thru February and ski season is winding down for me.  My lessons concluded last week, but I went skiing twice this week with wonderful conditions.  The local ski area will probably close on March 12 but I will be busy from March 4th on, so I only have one or two weeks left. Definite improvement this year of skiing more on the front of my skis.

I signed up for the Akron Marathon Relay again. It was so motivational last August and September getting ready for it. Having a big goal after the MS150 bike ride was wonderful.  And the actual race was simply delightful. Probably one of the highlights of my year last year!

Hopefully I have a wonderful experience again this year. Although it’s difficult to duplicate wonderful weather, a great team and pretty strong training. I did the 5.7 at a sub 12 minute mile pace. I’m hoping to improve that for 2016.

I’ve been spinning twice a week fairly regularly since December so that I keep my seat until spring when outside riding really starts.

On black Friday, I signed up for 4 personal training half hours at my gym, but still am *shy* about actually scheduling the sessions. Now at least I know what I want to work on. Weightlifting. I have always been intimated to step into the weight area of my gym. Not because the people aren’t nice. But it’s all inside my head.

Last Saturday I talked to my trainer (I take group exercise HIIT classes with him all the time) and he acted like “NBD” – no big deal.

But when I got home, I decided to jot down why I am reluctant to sign up. It blew me away. I had 23 reasons. About 90% of them boil down to self conscious.

But I had no idea I was that weird about it. I decided to read a bunch about it on the internet, watch videos, try a little bit in the living room with the dumb bells watching a youtube video and build my nerve up.

I also listed one by one answers to myself for the 23 worries that I have. I wrote them as if I was chatting with a friend. It’s sooooo easy to dismiss someone else’s anxiety about trying something new. When I read the reasons as if I am an outsider, they are laughable. However I won’t share them on here because, on the inside, to me, they are very real.

During February I’ve been working out about 50% of the time – but I’m counting skiing as one of my workouts. Technically it is not, but I sure do feel exhausted afterwards because of all the concentration on the moves and trying to keep warm. After my 1 1/2 hour lesson each Weds night I’m wiped out. Also trying not to have the obligatory beer up in the bar afterwards. I’ve been bringing my bottle of flavored water and sipping that instead. Hate to wipe out every calorie burned (plus) with one lousy beer!

Also been counting my macros using a free app from Mike Vacanti. He’s a young guy in NYC who posted a really great video (with the exception of the swear words) about why it’s so important to exercise for 58 year old women. Here’s the video (ignore his bad language. I think he just hasn’t figured out if he’s going to talk to people like me, it’s a big turn-off.)

I’ve read thru his blog and watched a bunch of his videos. His style is a bit ADD, with quick cuts on his videos and a variety of mini-rants, but he is likable enough and very passionate about what he’s trying to accomplish.

Meanwhile I am continuing to try to combat the February dulldromms in NE Ohio.  Today is gorgeous. One of the 70/365 we get sunshine! Gotta love days like today!


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