Chopping Vegetables… and other Simple Steps

Food wise: Last week I chopped a lot of veggies into small squares and put them in a gallon size plastic zip bag in the fridge. I cooked a whole bunch of chicken tenders in olive oil and put in a container. So easy to grab and throw on a salad. Or warm in a pan, add a little Parmesan cheese and voila!

It saved me at that “I’ve gotta gotta eat something” when I get home later from work than I planned.

Exercise wise: Spin Monday. HIIT Tuesday. HIIT Thursday. Spin Friday.  Walked 15 to 20 minutes each day on the track. Felt really good all week.

Sleep wise: Good sleep all week except Fri night to Saturday. Made it up Sat afternoon with a nap and a long night Sat to Sunday morning.

Motivation wise: Went out to dinner with my friend (we’re running the Akron Marathon relay again) and listened with great interest to her story of success with one pull up. VERY INSPIRING!! Sent a few texts and now we have two new relay team members! Good. More people to talk about training with!  Also added another friend to my FitBit community. So now I have 3 friends who all get more steps than I do. MOTIVATION!

Result: Good week. 156 down 3.2.
A year ago 153.4 and now 156.0

A 2.6 gain – why should I be happy about that? Because the 2.6 doesn’t tell the whole story. I actually dropped another 3 from the 150, (end of 28 day challenge) but then got hurt mid March which resulted in a long “slow” gaining period until I was better again. Even with the Summer Sizzle plan that I barely followed.  Good summer below 160.

But immediately following the Akron marathon relay, I quit training by running and still didn’t go back to my routine due to the late night workouts for ski conditioning. Those workouts were 12 stations that had 4 cardio, 4 strengths and 4 stretching/ab sections of a minute each. So maybe 24 minutes of workout. But I couldn’t push push myself. Followed by potlucks, which were my downfall.

Anyway, I started working out in my “normal” routine again on Thanksgiving.

March 2015 to March 2016

And I’ve been really working it. The flat spot and drop in January was following my trip to Florida. Luckily so I didn’t have my usual February net gain. The warmer weather in February this year has made it an easier month, even with eating out a few times and not watching the salt etc. (Valentines)

This week is the week before San Diego. So I’ll be out of my routine again for a week, but I’m sure I be super active and not stuck behind a computer all day.

Action Plan for this week:

  • Chop Veggies again
  • Make a zero point soup
  • Broil/roast fish in tinfoil
  • Do 10,000 steps EVERYDAY (spin/HIIT maybe weight lift)
  • Run 3 miles



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