Where did my motivation go?

I did great when I was on vacation 2 weeks ago. Went zooming past my step goal every single day (Double on Friday!!) Was a wonderful non-stop vacation to San Diego for 7- 8 days (if you count travel days – which I do.)

Then the time change (spring ahead) and the jet lag (3 hours later) gave me a 4 hour challenge where I still am fighting to adjust. Plus lack of sleep from the red eye flight coming back where I didn’t get into a deep sleep. Felt like a truck ran over me. So I dragged myself thru the week.

Here I am one week and one day later still feeling: “Meh, and not motivated to do anything – work or work out!”

I did go running yesterday, very slowly at 13:11 miles for 3.8 miles, so it was a good attempt. But I can’t get up for spinning or HIIT or anything early. Just don’t want to. It’s very bizarre because usually I can’t stand laying there when I wake up. Now, I can’t make my feet hit the floor!

I’m going to attempt to do baby steps this week. Track my food but not points or calories. Walk. Walk. Walk to get my legs moving. No coffee or caffeine after noon. And laying down for sleep by 9:45,

i didn’t do my normal routines. Got 2 loads of laundry done, not 5. Did 2 loads of dishes, not 3. Only 1 work out, not 6. Barely did work, just answered emails. Was a bit cranky.

This week should be better. Gotta get a little more sleep on the front end. Naps don’t seem to help.

Of the 3 – sleep, food, exercise – I really need the sleep to maintain my mental attitude of motivation!


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