Getting the “SPRING” Back in my Step

The week before my birthday, 4 workout days. My birthday week I managed to get 2 days of work out in… It was gorgeous on my birthday and I took at 16 mile bike ride with my friends! But the following week it turned back to winter and snowed. And I slept in.

fitbit zip

So starting this week, I’m back in the saddle and getting the “spring” back in my step. Went to the gym both Saturday and Sunday.

Barely made it Saturday. Took way too much time scraping ice/snow and getting my windshields clean, so I walked the track a bit and called it done.

snow blossoms

Here’s the photos I took at the gym both days. On Sunday, the snow melted and I felt more inspired. I got on the treadmill and did 3.5 slow miles. I do think that doing something, like JUST getting to the gym on Saturday, inspired a longer workout on Sunday.

So – just like these trees are a before and after, I want to do a before and after.  Early April high 150;s. Early May low 150’s. And Green bars all the rest of this month!

Monday I was back at spinning class. A good decent spin with lots of sweating. Back in the saddle!

Today will be a trick to get into the green with all the meetings and driving I need to do.

Besides the snow, we’ve had 3 funerals in 2 weeks and another one tomorrow.  Mostly parents of friends but tomorrow is a friend’s husband.


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