Camping in the Woods, Hiking and FitBit

We went camping this weekend and I got lots of rugged miles in of hiking… not!
Well it started out like a good hike in the woods, but once I saw some bear scat, I got nervous. Up the bank to the road, quick as a wink! So we walked along the road instead.

Walking the road was not my idea of fun. Fast pick up trucks and no berm. But at least I wasn’t worried about a bear!

Meanwhile, I left my FitBit zip at home (I thought I lost it!) so the miles didn’t count on my tracker. It’s weird how the tracker is motivating and when you don’t have it on it feels like it doesn’t count.

That is kinda how it goes when I don’t log food. It feels like the calories don’t count. How weird is that. Like eating in the dark. Everyone knows those calories don’t count!

Minister Creek Allegany forest campfire

Minister Creek Allegany forest creek


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