Healthy Diet Motivation Where Are You?

After posting my recap and goals, I really thought I’d do better. You know, better on my healthy diet motivation plan. And I guess in some ways I have.

I’ve biked more in the last 15 days than I have in the past 6 months put together. Even counting spinning. Last night went out with friends again and got 17+ done.

My arm is acting up – kinda numb from where I fell 18 months ago. It’s weird. It wasn’t doing this the past year or so, but when I raise it for a left turn while biking it felt really painful. So weird. Probably a nerve acting up. I should probably get it looked at.

Bad Healthy Diet Motivation

But all that exercise ends up making me more hungry and less resistant to eating more. In the end, the weight really is about what and how much I ate.

Good Healthy Diet Motivation

Signed up finally to do personal training on the weights. Next Tuesday. I’m excited and I’m nervous both.

Planning on another long bike ride this weekend. And if the rain holds off I’ll squeeze another ride in before the weekend. Thunder/lightning are predicted and I’m not feeling like taking a chance of getting caught in bad weather.

Self talk makes such a big difference. Gotta keep the tape playing “my song!”

The Ugly part of Healthy Diet Motivation

It’s never over, weight maintaining is none stop and I can’t let up.
Went to Outback last night. Got a salad with chicken and the dressing on the side. And did not eat the bread.


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