Can’t Seem to Get Past this Plateau

It’s weird. For a year I’ve been on a plateau. Then a party or BBQ or potluck. And I jump up a pound or two.

I fight like hell to get it back down. Then another event. It is a constant fight. Then all the sudden, my weight drops. And it’s not like I dieted or something. But usually I got preoccupied with something else and was busy. Yeah, too busy to eat or snack I should say.

Being too busy isn’t fun. But having fun when I’m too busy to think about food is really fun.

Bike riding does it for me. It’s easy to do an hour and a half or two hours of riding with friends. And the thought of food isn’t bugging me. As long as I ate a banana or something before the ride.

Anyway, this morning I woke up and dropped 2 pounds. Without trying (who’s kidding, I’m always trying!) But without expecting to. Nice feeling. I’m still not past the plateau I’ve been fighting, but I’m within a glass of water of it!


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