Team Relay Recap

I had fun at the marathon relay on Sept 24, but was disappointed in my time. After really thinking about it, I know exactly what it is. Too heavy. Not enough training. Specifically not enough miles in training. I averaged 8 miles a week for 6 weeks for a 6 mile race. After reading a lot of the blogs, I realize I need to avg more like 12-18 miles a week for 8 weeks to really be ready.

I didn’t have a running plan written down, but instead used the calendar to track, not plan.

Meanwhile my excuses, (some are valid):

  • Too hot.
  • High heart rate
  • Too busy
  • Just take longer, slower runs
  • X training ski patrol conditioning
  • I did it last year

What I regretted / why I didn’t do very well:

  • Not getting new shoes mid August
  • Not running inside in air conditioning when it was too hot
  • Not doing more frequent 3 or 4 mile runs (4 x a week)
  • Not doing my glute stretch everyday!
  • Ending most of my running with a 170 heart rate
  • Gaining several pounds (164) over last years race (156)
  • Drinking water/gatoraid each stop

What I don’t regret:

  • Making it about the people
  • Slapping hands along run
  • Shooting photos during run
  • Having a team
  • Expo
  • Buying shot block

So, I’m planning (although I didn’t BUY IT YET!) to run the Half next year:

For doing the half marathon next year:

  • Set a goal of 33 miles a week for the month of September
  • Long run should be 40% of entire week
  • In August run four times a week three or 4 miles at a time
  • Do a 6 K in June
  • Run 10 miles a week in July and ride 85 to 100 miles a week to pro for buckeye breakaway
  • Spin twice a week (30-35 miles a week right there!)
  • Stretch every day!
  • 10k daily (what?!? run a long run of at least 6.2 I mean weekly.)
  • Weight at 151 or less all summer.

First step is to start tracking food again. I did My Fitness Pal over the weekend. Saturday, but on Sunday, I only 150 calories left by 2 in the afternoon. So I did what always happens on a Sunday without a plan. Way over.  Went from 161.2 to 163.2. A lot of food and too much couch time.


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