Up 2 pounds overnite!

Last night I ate salted popcorn and this morning the scale shocked me with a two pound gain.

I know better. I know not to eat salted popcorn. And I know not to freak out and overreact to a salted popcorn scale. Why did I even step on it this morning!?!

As I write this, I’m on the treadmill. Already determined to get my steps in.  To eat the right bslance of fat, protein and carbs. To drink all my glasses of water. And not to use food as an emotional crutch.

And stay away from salted popcorn!

Meanwhile I promised my exercise buddy to sign up for the 5 mile turkey trot again. It’s almost a month since the marathon relay and I haven’t been keeping up with my running.

Saturday did the HIIT workout. Kicked my butt!
Sunday rode 17.5 on the bike.

Better start putting those miles on the shoes!!


Perfect weather for the Akron Marathon Relay on September 24 2016


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